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Brusfri、イケるのかも?| Brusfri Could Be The Best Solution?



Sound quality improvement continues.



The environment for this test

  • CS-10EMマイクをカメラに直刺しで綠音 
  • Record with a camera CS-10EM microohones plugged in directly

1. CS-10EM only


A lot of noise as usual.


2. Removed low/high frequencies

FCP上での編集。Zoom H6を取り入れる前の動画は、ほとんどこのエフェクトが使われている。サーという音がやや残る。音圧も低くなる。

Edit on FCP. These effects were used in the videos before Zoom H6 was used. There are some hiss hoise remained. The sound volume gets low, too.


3. Brusfri

This one is a plugin that I purchased a few days ago. It is good to be able to edit on FCP. And no Zoom is used as an intermediary, much easier to shoot videos. And this sound! There is no strange impression, listening from headphones, earphones or directly from PC.




上の動画をアップ後にモデルさんがいらして、撮影。Zoom H6は使わず、CS-10EMを直刺しで。そしてFCP上でBrusfriで編集。結論、自然な感じの仕上がりで良い!ただ、圧が強めなのでremove high/low frequenciesも追加。以前、LOFIの音楽の作り方にあった動画では、LOFI感を出すためには高・低周波数をカットすると良いとされていたので、それと同じことか。音が柔らかくなる。

After uploading the video above, a model came and we started shooting. I didn't use Zoom H6, just plugged CS-10EM directly. And the video was edited with Brusfri on FCP. In conclusion, it became natural and very good! The sound volume was relatively strong so I added "remove high/low frequencies", though. I have watched a video on how to make LOFI music and he said cutting high/low frequencies was good for LOFI sounds. It should apply to my sound, too. The sound becomes softer.



Wave form after editing with Brusfri.

  • CS-10EMをカメラに直刺し
  • Brusfriでノイズ削減
  • Remove high/low frequenceisで調整
  • Plugging CS-10EM to camera directly
  • Reduce noise with Brusfri
  • Adjust the sound with "remove high/low frequencies"


忘備録 | Notes


I purchased this noise reduction plug-in for a test.



It seems extremely good, watching this video... but... 





自分の動画の音には合わない・・・かも。* 下に追記あり

It doesn't suit to my video... maybe. *please see the PS below





I checked the original sound, the sound after reducing the noise on Audacity and Brusfri and found out the sound created with Audacity remained subtle sounds even after reducing the noise. Brusfry removes all the sounds including the subtle sounds that I want to keep.


This doesn't mean Brusfry isn't good at all but it is just my video's sound doesn't have strong difference between the noise (mostly hiss sound) and the subtle massage sounds. Audacity is a free app but it does a really good job to reduce the noise and remain sounds that I want to keep...


With that being said, reducing all the noise completely can lead to have unnatural feelings. But personally once I watch this noise-less videos and go back to the old videos with hissing noise, it sounds a little annoying, too.

Well, I have to find a good solution to make the sounds more natural and easier to listen to.



Zoom H6で録音された音をBrusfriで編集すると上のようにノイズも残したい手の動きの音も消されてしまうことが判明。



Later I figured out that if you edit with Brusfri after recording with Zoom H6, it reduces not only the noise but also the hand movement sounds which I want to keep.

It is better to edit the sound which is recorded directly from the camera CS-10EM is plugged in.

YouTube #Shorts始めてみよう | Let's Start YouTube #Shorts


I heard the word "Shorts" is a trend and it can be popular on YouTube. I googled it and a lot of short pants appeared on the screen, though LOL.



Is it like a TikTok? I didn't do TikTok since it is a different platform from YouTube but this Shorts thing might be good since I can upload on to the same YouTube account.


So here are my ideas.

  • 反射区紹介(一つにつき一動画)
  • 症状別の反射区紹介
  • 1分ごりごり音
  • 1分痛い叫び
  • Reflex zones (one zone per video)
  • Reflex zones by ailments
  • 1 minute Gori Gori sound
  • 1 minute ITAI screaming


Reflex zone videos will be many but 1 minute Gori Gori can be easy to record with iPhone and upload when a model has Gori Gori feet.


追記 1分マックスよりも短い方が良いらしい。15秒ぐらいとか。それより短くもできるかな・・・。

PS It is said shorter than 1 minute maximum is better. Like 15 seconds. Could be less?...

Yutaka's Reflexology OS Update

今更ながらだけど、今のところYutaka's Reflexology OSはX(テン)ぐらい。

Never too late to say, Yutaka's Reflexology OS is X(ten) now.



I want to update thumbnails...


The thumbnail idea hit my brain when I was going to Canada at the station (or the airpoort).


I was thinking to promote my channel to oversea and decided this only English text thumbnail, the previous one had too many Japanese texts.


I picked simple titles so that even Japanese could be familiar with. "GORI" could be a little edgy one, though...



Over a year has passed and you see identicle thumbnails on my page.


It looks consistant but I feel like changing it...

  • シンプル、ごちゃごちゃしない
  • 見て内容がすぐわかる
  • 統一性がある
  • Simple, not decluttered
  • Easy to tell the content
  • Consistancy


My ideal thumnails are ShiliTV's.


No text.


It looks easy but it should be very difficult to apply.

忘備録 | Notes

Sony α6400 + Zoom H6 + Roland CS-10EM


Sony α6400 setting

  • Recording level +1

note: 給電しながら撮影するとノイズがひどい。モバイルバッテリーだと大丈夫との情報もあるが…。

It gets really bad noise when you record with power supplying. It is said it is better when the power is from a mobile battery, though...

Zoom H6 setting

  • Plugin Power ON
  • Lo Cut 80Hz
  • Comp Comp1(General)
  • Line Out Level -25db
  • Sound Marker Mode Rec Start/End


Noise Reduction

  • Noise reduction (dB) 20
  • Sensitivity 3.00
  • Frequency smoothing (bands) 3

note: 動画を撮影する際に全くの無音状態を7秒ほど作るとノイズのプロファイルが作りやすい

When video shooting, take 7 seconds of no sound for making the noise profile


It looks like when you profile the no sound for a few seconds, it makes less unnatural "flipped over sound".



Channel EQ

  • 不自然な音の周波数を削除する
  • Eliminate unnatural sound's frequency


Remove Low Frequencies


Remove High Frequencies

  • Strong Cut 3.0

Note: Remove Low Frequenciesをあてると鼻息が消える(笑)。多分、200Hzあたりの音なのだろう。。。

Applying Remove Low Frequencies reduces my nose breathing sound LOL. Maybe it is the sound around 200Hz...

音質向上パート2 | Sound Improvement pt. 2


Zoom H6を買ってしまった。この形、やばい。

Finally I bought Zoom H6. I love this design.


Let me talk about the conclusion first.

  • H6単体で素晴らしい音は撮れるが、自分の動画ではマイクは従来のCS-10EMを接続して足の両脇に置くスタイルは継続。
  • H6 itself can record really good sounds but for my videos, I have to keep using and connecting CS-10EM  and place them on the both sides of a foot.
  • 音は綺麗になるが、それでもバックグラウンドのノイズは残る。
  • The sound is good but background noise remains.
  • ノイズ除去としてAudacity(無料アプリ)がかなり良い。
  • To reduce noise, Audacity (free app) is really helpful.
  • さらにFCPでRemove High/Low Frequenciesをかける。
  • And apply "Remove High/Low Frequencies" on FCP.
  • さらにFCPで不自然な音の周波数をChannel EQを使って削除する。
  • And apply "Channel EQ" to eliminate unnatural sound frequency on FCP.




The video above ends after applying noise reduction on Audacity but you can polish the sound on FCP afterwards.

If you only use Audacity,

  • 自分の鼻息が残る
  • My nose breathing sound remains
  • 不自然に感じる音が残る
  • Unnatural sound remains


I thought using H6 wouls solve everything but there are still many things to learn. But I could reduce noise and strengthen the sound volume, though. Yahoo :)

音質向上委員会 | Sound Quality Improvement Test


ASMR動画的に外部マイクを一眼カメラに直刺しは良くないと言われていて、うーむ、やっぱりZoom H1nを咬ませた方がいいのかなーと実験。

As an ASMR video, it is said direct microphones connection into a DSL camera is not a good idea, so I tested using Zoom H1n.

1. Zoom H1n + Roland CS-10EM

 Zoom H1nは一年ほど前に買ったのだが、使うのがめんどくさいので放置したままになっていた。使わないものは処分する性格なのだが、なんとなくデザインが気に入っていて所有し続けていた。

I bought this Zoom H1n about a year ago but I was lazy to use it and kept it in my desk for a while. I usually discard things which I don't use but I liked the design and I kept having it.

さて、音は?これまでマイクを直刺しだとノイズが酷くてエフェクトをFCP上でかけないと使い物にならなかった。しかし、Zoom H1nで録音するとノイズが少ない。おー、H1n復活させるか??

So how was the sound? Using a direct microphone into the camera was not good at all unless I use FCP's effects to delete the noise. But recording with Zoom H1n doesn't pick up noise so much. Hmm, should I use H1n from now on?

2. Roland CS-10EM


The 2nd recording was the direct microphone recording. Yup, so much noise!

3. Roland CS-10EM + FCP Effects
  • Denoiser (White Noise Filter)
  • Remove Low Frequencies
  • Remove High Frequencies

この三つは最近の動画で使っているエフェクト。うん。これを使うとかなりまともになる。そして、なんとZoom H1nを使ったものと比べてもこっちの方が良い。

Those three are the effects I have been using these days. Yes, they improve the sound a lot and it is actually better than the one using the Zoom H1n.


And I realized the air purifier's sound which I usually turn off.

  • Channel EQ


特定の音を消すのに役立つChannel EQ。ここで空気清浄機の音の周波数を分析して、その周波数をカット。

Channel EQ is useful for deleting certain sounds. It can analyze the air purifier's frequency and delete it.

最後は綺麗な音になった。というわけでしばらくは現状維持。Zoom H1nは処分かなぁ。。。デザイン好きなんだけど。

The sound became so clean at last. So the recording style will be the same for a while and I might throw Zoom H1n away.... I like the design so much, though...