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非二元セッションを受けてみた | Had a Non Duality Session


I had a seesion with Mrs. Chikako YODA.


As our conversation went by, there was a movement happening in my field like moving towards the whole and going back to the self.


My body started stretching by itself and something hidden inside of me started emerging. Very meditative.


The session just finished now and my brain isn't working perfectly now but the word I got impressed most was "leave everything to the whole".


It is not to do something very hard as a "person" but just allow "the whole" to express.



My brain isn't working well now. It's a good sign.




虚空 | Void


I have been studying "Eufeeling" that Mr. Frank Kinslow.



Our essence is "Pure Awareness" and on top of that, there are true freedom, love, stillness called "Eufeeling".


When you look at those words, they seem to be on the same level but awareness is void and no-thingness.



It is a little difficult to identify Eufeeling and awareness but this Eckhart's talk resonates with a deeper area of myself.


  • 体が重く感じる
  • 体の緊張している箇所が顕著になる
  • 体の力を抜くことを許していきたくなる
  • 体の所々が痛くなる、不快感が出てくる
  • その他、色々な排出の動きが出てくる
  • 眠くなる
  • そのままで良かったんだとホッとする

Things that may happen when you resonate with his being (Results may vary)

  • Your body feel heavier
  • You become aware which area of the body is more tensed vividly
  • You may want to allow to relax your body
  • You may experience pain or discomfort in some areas of your body
  • You may experience a few emissions
  • You feel sleepy
  • You feel relaxed to know it is okay as it is


They may be symptoms you don't want to experience but you get to know something right is happening.


The video I put above is an English one and some may say "I can't understand English" and refuses it but what he conveys is irrelevant to what he talks about. Language can be of a help to direct you, though. I put a Japanese video down here... 


空(くぅ)のこうめいさんのセッションを受けてみた | Had a Session With Kohmei-san From Kuu



These days, I have been wandering around YouTube.



And I found this video which was really amazing, I couldn't help myself applying a session with him (free). I was happy to see the foot reflexology chart in the video (LOL).


It was a 15 minute trial session but it was similar to tapping techniques. Some specific accupressure points are stimulated which fastens release of emotions. It was really fast.


The accupressure points that he told me were actually the most spots that I didn't want to be touched or touch. But it was nice, though, since it was the area I felt most congested.


I practiced many times after the session and some tears were dropped when I did it in the morning (LOL). I am not a cry person so it is amazing for me.


If you are interested, go make an appointment with Kohmei-san. His Youtube channel is also interesting (all in Japanese).





This is my aura-soma bottle I am using these days; blue and clear. This bottle describes my current situation very well. Goind beyond the adulthood restriction (blue) and release suffering (clear). Intense training.

あらゆるエネルギーの中心は何もない | There is No-thingness in the Center of Any Energies


There is no-thingness in the very center of so-called "suffering".


ハートからのカウンセリング ラハシャ
Counseling from the heart Rahasya

だいぶ昔の本だけど、翻訳のお手伝いをしました・・・と言っても編集の方が自分の稚拙な訳文をものすごく丁寧に校正していただきました m(_ _)m.

This book is about 15 years old but I helped to translate this book... well, the editor 
calibrated my childish translation very carefully m(_ _)m.


This counseling is very radical. Pains on the body mind are invited into the heart. Oh god.


When you attend this course, everybody looks like they are going to puke or something but after the course, they look like buddhas (seriously).


How to guide is as follows:

  1. クライエントから問題となっていることを聞く
    Listen to client's problem(s)
  2. その問題の何が問題かを聞く
    Ask what's the problem of the problem
  3. 問題のコアがシンプルな「怒り」「悲しみ」「恐怖」な感情になるまで突き詰める(優しくね)
    Find the core emotions such as "anger", "sadness", "fear" (very gently)
  4. その否定していた感情を優しくハートに招待する
    Invite the emotions that the client has refused to have, to the heart
  5. 変容が勝手に起きる
    Transformation is bound to happen
  6. 起きた後に問題となっている部分へと戻ってみると、問題ではなくなっている
    After the transformation, trace back to the story of the problem and find it is gone already


This is a simple guideline but this work is quite hard core in front of Rahasya's smiling face LOL.


From the non duality point of view, this work may prove there is no-thingness in the center of all things, or "small I".


"As you breathe in, invite all the things to your heart and see everything dissolves there"

Rahashya's Heart Meditation CD popped up on my mind. I threw it away, though.

オーラソーマ#60老子と観音 | Aura-Soma #60 Lao Tzu & Quanin



This is Lao Tzu.



And this is Lao Tzu & Quanin's bottle. I finished aura-soma's level 4 about 15 years ago but I use them only for myself these days. I have been using pomanders/quintessences from time to time but this will be the third equilibrium bottle this year.


How come blue and clear mean Lao Tzu and Quanin? Yes it is a very mysterious world.


There are some explanations but when I was giving a session, I didn't explain much. "Feel, not think" kind of attitude...


There was this client who read through an aura-soma book before buying but he came back after a month and told me his experience which implied all the bottle's messages. It was very interesting.


What does blue color remind you of? What do you feel? It differs by individual but this is how language of color is created.


"Blue color reminds me of ocean. I feel relaxed when I am in the ocean. I feel I am protected etc." -> Paternity or maternal etc.


There is also this principle that people have to choose bottles that they are attracted to. This is a homeopathic approach "like cures like".



This site offers free reading, if you are interested, go check it out... oops the site above is Japanese only.