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終わりのない道 | Endless Road


The last video I edited was one of the best videos personally and I thought I could relax for a while... but...

  • カメラのフォーカスやっぱりまだおかしい
  • マイMacBook、やっぱり動画の取り込みがおかしい
  • The camera's auto-focus is acting strange
  • My MacBook can't load videos from the camera


Problems still haven't been solved perfectly.



The camera auto-focus issue was solved by switching from "tracking focus" to "touch focus". I had to re-take a few times, though...


MacBook's loading video problem hasn't been solved. Actually this USB-C port has been a problem; it can be used as a battery charging but can't load pictures or videos very well.

今日は先ほどFinal Cut Proでもう8割近く終わっていたのだが、カメラからの動画取り込み不良で一からやり直し。

Today the editing was 80% finished on Final Cut Pro but I couldn't finish loading the videos from the camera and I have to do it again from the beginning. 


Now I am sending a video from the camera to my iPhone via wifi... it is taking too long.


This MacBook could be a mine, so I should not give this to my mom but trade in to Apple... My mom uses a USB mouse and USB memories very often, so I can easily imagine she gets upset by not being able to use them later on.