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【レビュー】粘度が高い。呉若石神父マッサージクリーム | [REVIEW] High Viscosity. RWO-SHR Massage Cream


呉若石神父マッサージクリーム500g (Amazon)

RWO-SHR Massage Cream 500g (Amazon)


Rwo-Shr is the reflexology school I graduated from when I was in Canada. It is a Taiwanese reflexology school based in Taiwan. There is also a branch in Japan but the fees are way more expensive. But I think they teach you very deeply (as you often see in Japan).



The cream I bought this time was from the school. I wondered if they were selling official creams but I bought it anyway. At the school in Canada, we used one of those big creams you would see at Shoppers.



Huge. Perhaps I could use this for three months or longer. Made in Japan.



  • 粘度が高いので、強めの刺激ができる
  • 粘度が高いので、施術がゆっくりになる
  • 粘度が高いので、施術が丁寧になる

Good points

  • Since its high viscosity, stronger pressure can be applied
  • Since its high viscosity, treatment can be slower
  • Since its high viscosity, treatment can be more carefully


The viscosity is very high! It won't be as high as balms but it is the highest in a genre of cream. This cream is highly recommended for the Rwo-shr style reflexology.


From a reflexology YouTube point of view... since I am more emphasizing on the session sound, this cream might not be suitable for that. It absorbs the sound and doesn't make sounds. Of course Poki Poki (cracking) sounds remain but skin friction sounds are eliminated.


And when you work on wide areas like calves, creams that spread better should be recommended. I might be combining with oil.


Finally I wrote something about reflexology. Phew.