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ニョキニョキ普通の予約のお問い合わせが入る件 | Getting Quite a Few Reservation Inquiries



I am such a contrary person that I do not want to do reflexology normally so much although I am a reflexolosist.


To be precise, I don't mind doing reflexology but I am getting tired of earning money by reflexology autentically. So before starting reflexology on YouTube, I hadn't been doing reflexology as much as I do these days.

  • 足つぼできる
  • 足つぼ好き
  • 動画編集するの好き
  • ガジェット好き
  • ミニマル主義
  • 内向型 (たくさんの人に会うと疲弊する)
  • YouTube収益が出る
  • I can do reflexology
  • I like reflexology
  • I like editing videos
  • I like gadgets
  • Minimalism
  • Introvert (get tired from meeting many people)
  • I can monetize my YouTube channel


これ、モデルさん(win) - YouTube (win) - 視聴者さん (win) - 自分 (win)とかなり良い状況。

Those are the reasons why I keep uploading reflexology videos on YouTube and I make better money from YouTube (laugh).

It is like, models (win) - YouTube (win) - viewers (win) - me (win), a very good situation here.


When I started YouTube (to be precise, when I chose reflexology as my main genre), I vaguely thought of becoming like a nomad, travelling around the world, doing reflexology and getting money from YouTube. These days I feel like I am so rooted in Japan. That's YABAI (no good).


  1. 台湾
  2. ベトナム

With that being said, there aren't too many countries that I want to visit. These are the countries I am sort of thinking of.

  1. Taiwan
  2. Vietnam


Taiwan is a reflexology's mecca and I could learn something there. Vietnam is a country that I have never visited and I like Vienamese foods (laugh).


I am just chilling out in Japan without much hustling these days... I was thinking to get out from Japan ASAP right after coming back from Canada, though.