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最近気になる足つぼチャート | Interesting Reflexology Chart

「father josef reflexology」の画像検索結果"

Fr. Josef's Method of Foot Massage


The colors. Colors.


Those are the colors of the five elements.

  • 水 Water 腎臓・膀胱 Kidney/Bladder ー 黒 Black
  • Wood 肝臓・胆のう Liver/Gallbladder ー 青(緑) Blue (Green)
  • 火 Fire 心臓・小腸 Heart/Small Intestine ー 赤 Red
  • Earth 胃・脾臓 Stomach/Spleen ー 黄 Yellow
  • Metal 肺・大腸 Lung/Large Intestine ー 白 White


And more...

  • Water 耳 Ears
  • Tree 目 Eyes
  • Fire 舌 Tongue
  • Soil 口 Mouth
  • Gold 鼻 Nose


I am thrilled...


To be honest with you, I don't think I understand the five elements concept well but it could be possible to see related body organs; a person who has a tired stomach tends to have a tired mouth (bad breath) and such.