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サウナと禅 | Sauna and Zen


I watched a tv drama show called "Sa-dou (Art of Sauna)" which my friend recommended to me.



They use a term "Totonou (aligned)" in the drama and they Totonou after taking a sauna. What is this "Toronou (aligned)"? I thought it meant nirvana, Satori when I saw their visual effects on the Totonotta (aligned) moments.


And there was this Sauna master sort of character's quote: Don't believe in Sauna. Zen master, isn't he?


So yesterday, I went to a local spa and took a sauna there. I usually don't take one.


  • サウナ
  • 水風呂
  • 外気浴


Processes introduced in the drama:

  • Sauna
  • Cold water bathing
  • Outdoor breathing

Repeat three times.


In my case, sauna was rediculously hot and the cold water bathing was too cold, I thought my heart was going to stop, but I could kind of get what the "Totonou (aligned)" meant during the first session. "Totonou (aligned)" is stop of the mind and relaxation of the body.


In a way, by placing your body in ultimate environments, the mind stops talking. There are many entrances for this, such as sports, bodyworks, etc. but sauna can be one of them that can invite you to experience without so much efforts.


But in the drama, they state "don't believe in sauna" quite clearly. This makes this drama not only a sauna worshiping one but an elevated artistic one.


It is same as masters saying "don't believe in meditation" in Satori field.


It is same as saying "don't believe in reflexology" in reflexology field LOL.