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だらだらしたい | Born To Be Lazy

[pha]のどこでもいいからどこかへ行きたい (幻冬舎文庫)
どこでもいいからどこかへ行きたい (幻冬舎文庫) Kindle
pha (著)


These days I was addicted to sauna but this book was appeared as a recommendation on Amazon.


When I get tired of being at home, I go travelling all of a sudden. Capsule hotel, sauna, internet cafe, any place is fine to stay over a night. High way buses and local trains that consume time are my favorite. Not eating local specialities. Not paying attention to sceneries. But when the place is changed, the way of thinking is also changed. The important thing is to take a distance from daily routines. This book recommends to wander around which makes the way of living easier.


This resonates to my heart.


The other day, I visited Gotemba but it was the same reason. No plans, no destination, I just wanted to leave my daily routine. Nothing to see, nothing to do, just a travelling.


Actually when I looked back, the trip to Canada last year was same. Nothing to do, there was no plans.

ラモーンズの「I Wanna Be Sedated (落ち着きたい)」を思い出す。

Reminds me of The Ramone's "I Wanna Be Sedated".

Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated (Official Music Video)

24 hours to go 24時間あるけど

I wanna be sedated まったりしたい

nothing to do, no where to go やることもないし、行く場所もない

I wanna be sedated まったりしたい

基本的に内向型、HSP(Highly Sensitive Person)なので、予定がたくさんあるというだけでうんざりする。

Basically I am introvert and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and I feel choked when I see I have many schedules.


Extroverts recharge their power by meeting many people but I get recharged by being by myself.


It could be fatal as a reflexologist but in a reverse thinking, I could be unique.

  • 働きたくない
  • だらだらしたい
  • あんまり多くの人に足つぼやりたくない


  • Don't want to work
  • Want to be lazy
  • Don't want to do reflexology on so many people

I am a reflexologist like that. If I choose a right key word, it will be really great.


  • がんばらない足つぼ
  • ニート足つぼ
  • ひきこもり足つぼ
  • めんどくさがり足つぼ

What would be a good word, almost tabooish.

  • Not hard working reflexology
  • NEET reflexology
  • Hermit reflexology
  • Lazy reflexology


I am getting excited.