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だらだらルーティーン | Lazy Daily Routine


Today was off. Everyday is like a off day for me, nothing much to do. Excellent. Decided to go to Yokohama.


Is it because of the coronavirus? There were many wearing masks. But it could be just a usual seasonal matter, it is a hay fever season now. This is a good sample of my mind's activity; coloring the world within my own world.


Get a hair cut at a 1,000 yen hair cutting place. Searched an empty shop before actually visiting the shop. Reached to the one and it was quite empty but there was this staff who had cut my hair before somewhere and my finished look was aweful, so I left the shop pretending I forgot my wallet.


The second one is the one that has a stability to keep the shop empty. I could get a hair cut without waiting in a line. The staff reminded me of one of Oswald (Japanese comedian duo), wearing grasses. The finished was good.


There are many places closed on Wednesday in Yokohama. There weren't too many people, either. Searched for saunas on the internet but became too lazy and got back home.



This search site is good but I have to be careful that I am different from extrovert's sauners. For instance, I visited SkySpa where seemed very popular in Kanagawa pref. on this web site, the sauna was great for real but there were too many people.


As I am introvert, I prioritize less people. Before wondering if I can get relaxed or not by sauna, feeling comfortable by less people is my priority.