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土日の雰囲気は好きだけど | I Like Weekend Atmosphere But


Since I have been sort of detached from the world, I can be losing the sense of what day of the week it is but I can't.


I love the atmosphere of the weekend but I hate the weekend crowdness. Basically I don't go out anywhere on the weekend.


My mom used to ask me to take her for a shopping only on Sundays and I asked why she did and she answered "it is fun to see many people". I didn't know at the time but extroverts charge their energy by meeting people, while introverts like me just getting exhausted.


And today is Saturday. And the first day of the long weekend. I love this feeling of "off duty". I won't be going out.


There are multiple high schools and universities in my neighborhood and it's busy on week days.


FYI, the noisiest student is high school girls. 


Walking in the quiet residential area at night today should be good. No Salarymen (office workers), no students.