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ととのう手法1 | Totonou (Deep Relaxation) Method 1


I am so addicted to sauna these days but there is "this" that is similar to or more than the "Totonoi", deep relaxation experience, caused by sauna/water bathing/outdoor air bathing.


It is a method and not a method like if you do A, you get B. But for sauna, it is allowed to write like "sauna -> water bathing -> outdoor air bathing" although sometimes you get the deep relaxation, sometimes not, so I will write it in a similar style.

手法1: 感情を手放す

Method 1: Let Go of Emotions


When I attended a counseling seminar, I had to meet my inner during the course, inviting the past pain into my heart and allowing it as it was. We practiced it for about a week and after the course finished, I experienced the "Totonoi" for my first time. I wasn't doing anything special but felt so happy. The state lasted for about two weeks but eventually I went back to my normal busy life.


By the way, in "Sa-dou (Path of Sauna)", the tv drama, there was this guy who had a bad day at work and visited a sauna. In the sauna, he allowed his negativity to be as it was and he got "Totonou" with some tears.


When you allow those emotions like anger, fear or sollow which you usually don't allow to be, and let them go, you will get a deep relaxation, in a way.