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ととのう手法2 | Totonou (Deep Relaxation) Method 2

手法2: インナーボディを感じる

Method2: Feel The Inner Body


This is what Eckhart Tolle has been telling us; detach from the thoughts and feel the inner body.


When it is called "inner body" in Japanese, it sounds a little sketchy, so only "body" is good. And in a truer sense, the body is not inside but outside. It is inner than thoughts or emotions, though.


Eckhart says "feeling the body is the great healing". You can watch the body, listen to the body, smell the body. Use your superior sense and feel your body.


This seems simple but it is actually quite difficult. Because we have been inhabited in our thoughts. It is not interesting, just feeling pain or heaviness, not comfortable... and as Sagapriya says "what do you get by doing this?", the voice of the mind doesn't allow you to just feel the body.

This is the essence of a meditation.


You may think meditation is to close your eyes and keep sitting but actually you can meditate while walking, moving, doing anything. Just be present. Keep feeling the body, watching the body.

Eckhart Tolle


Here comes the Eckhart (laughs). It could be difficult to feel the body in the beginning, so being close to a master like Eckhart should be better.


When you are close to someone who is living with the moment intensely, the presence is transmitted to people nearby.


This is my personal experience but in the beginning, I was trying to understnad what he was talking about but soon or later, something like I said "ah..." happened which was triggered by some of his words becoming a keyword.


What the heck is "ah..." (laughs). If I put it into words, it is like loosening the body, floating like being on the water even though I am still on the ground, stopping controling the body... in one word, it is to relax.

If any of those didn't happen even after listening to Eckhart or other spiritual master's talks, maybe the mind's shell was too hard (laughs). Even understanding is a mind movement.


"If you would say you have understood what I talked, then maybe you didn't get it. But if you say "oh I didn't understand what he said", maybe you got it", Eckhart used to say this.