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サガプリヤの本はオススメです | Sagarpriya's Book Is Always Recommended

マスターズタッチ―サイキックマッサージ (OEJ Books) (Amazon)

Master's Touch by Sagarpriya


This is a book all the therapists should read.


Meditation, relation between therapist and client, how to start the actual work, male-female polarity etc. You can start reading from anywhere.


The book contains how to do a psychic reading also but I think I am not gifted with that (laughs).


Camel, Lion, Child and Helper. Clients can become the camel or lion, and the therapist can become the helper.


Stiffness is born from desire and such. Trying to relax the stiffness can be refered as pouring water into a dessert.


... and now I realized I can't write well.