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金沢八景・野島公園周辺のオススメ | Recommendation Around Kanazawa-hakkei And Nojimakoen

お客様やモデルさんのなかには金沢八景(野島)なんて来たの初めてと言われる方がいます。Yutaka's Reflexologyで足つぼを受けた後に有名な場所やオススメの場所を紹介します。

There are some clients and models who told me that it was thier first time to come to Kanazawa-hakkei (Nojima). Here are lists of famous/recommended spots after having a reflexology session at Yutaka's Reflexology.


一般的に有名な場所 (General famous spots)


1. 野島公園 (Nojimakoen Park)


It's a park with BBQ facilities and an observatory. It's quite empty except for the clam hunting/camp season.

  • Google Maps
  • 足つぼYutakaからの距離: 徒歩3分
  • Distance from Yutaka's Reflexology: 3 min. walking


2. 海の公園 (Uminokoen Park)


This park has an artificial beach which is the only beach in Yokohama city. There is a reflexology stone road around the center.

  • Google Maps
  • 足つぼYutakaからの距離: 徒歩20分または徒歩+電車11分
  • Distance from Yutaka's Reflexology: 20 min. walking or walking/train 11 min.


3. 八景島 (Hakkeijima)


This is a well known amusement park in Kanazawa-hakkei. I used to go there for walking with my dog or Pokemon hunting.

  • Google Maps
  • Yutaka's Reflexologyからの距離: 電車+徒歩20分
  • Distance from Yutaka's Reflexology: 20 min. train and walking


4. 三井アウトレット横浜ベイサイド (Mitsui Outlet Yokohama Bayside)


It was renewed recently. I visited a plant shop about five times to buy one plant.

  • Google Maps
  • Yutaka's Reflexologyからの距離: 電車+徒歩35分
  • Distance from Yutaka's Reflexology: 35 mins. train and walking



スパ・銭湯・サウナ (Spa/Public bath/Sauna)


1. 亀遊舘 (Kiyukan)


Sento(public bath) in Mutsuura. Their sauna is highly recommended.

  • Google Maps
  • Yutaka's Reflexologyからの距離: 電車+徒歩21分
  • Distance from Yutaka's Reflexology: 21min. train and walking


2. ニュー松の湯 (New Matsuno-yu)


It's a good place to enjoy sauna and water bathing simply. Basically it's not crowded.

  • Google Maps
  • Yutaka's Reflexologyからの距離: 徒歩20分
  • Distance from Yutaka's Reflexology: 20 min. walking


3. みなと湯 (Minato-yu)


Traditional Japanese public bath attached to a Ryokan (Japanese inn). No sauna.

  • Google Maps
  • Yutaka's Reflexologyからの距離: 徒歩22分
  • Distance from Yutaka's Reflexology: 22 min. walking


4. シーサイド・スパ八景島 (Seaside Spa Hakkeijima)


You can enjoy outdoor breathing, feeling wind from the sea. Quiet on weekdays.

  • Google Maps
  • Yutaka's Reflexologyからの距離: 電車+徒歩14分
  • Distance from Yutaka's Reflexology: 14 min. train and walking



飲食 (Food and drinks)


1. 鳳城 (Hojo)


This is the only chinese restaurant but personally I call this restaurant Kanazawa-hakkei's China town.

  • Google Maps
  • Yutaka's Reflexologyからの距離: 徒歩+電車14分
  • Distance from Yutaka's Reflexology: 14 min. train and walking

2. ベーカリーハウス・アオキ (Aoki Bakery)


They have many kinds of breads/buns. Personally I like thier curry buns.

  • Google Maps
  • Yutaka's Reflexologyからの距離: 電車+徒歩9分
  • Distance from Yutaka's Reflexology: 9 min. train and walking



モデルプラン (Recommended itinerary)


Yutaka's Reflexology


After a reflexology session, your feet get lighter and you want to walk around. Walk to Kiyukan for 20 min.

亀遊舘 (Kiyukan)


Sauna over 100℃ -> 20℃ mild groundwater bathing -> get stoned at the rest area exiting from the dressing room x 3 sets.

鳳城 (Hojo)


Drop by at Hojo on the way to Kanazawa-hakkei station if you get hungry. Fried noodle with starchy sauce is very tasty but can you finish it by yourself?

ベーカリーハウス・アオキ (Aoki Bakery)

Buy some buns for suveniors at the bakery in front of the station.