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忘備録 | Notes

Sony α6400 + Zoom H6 + Roland CS-10EM


Sony α6400 setting

  • Recording level +1

note: 給電しながら撮影するとノイズがひどい。モバイルバッテリーだと大丈夫との情報もあるが…。

It gets really bad noise when you record with power supplying. It is said it is better when the power is from a mobile battery, though...

Zoom H6 setting

  • Plugin Power ON
  • Lo Cut 80Hz
  • Comp Comp1(General)
  • Line Out Level -25db
  • Sound Marker Mode Rec Start/End


Noise Reduction

  • Noise reduction (dB) 20
  • Sensitivity 3.00
  • Frequency smoothing (bands) 3

note: 動画を撮影する際に全くの無音状態を7秒ほど作るとノイズのプロファイルが作りやすい

When video shooting, take 7 seconds of no sound for making the noise profile


It looks like when you profile the no sound for a few seconds, it makes less unnatural "flipped over sound".



Channel EQ

  • 不自然な音の周波数を削除する
  • Eliminate unnatural sound's frequency


Remove Low Frequencies


Remove High Frequencies

  • Strong Cut 3.0

Note: Remove Low Frequenciesをあてると鼻息が消える(笑)。多分、200Hzあたりの音なのだろう。。。

Applying Remove Low Frequencies reduces my nose breathing sound LOL. Maybe it is the sound around 200Hz...