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あらゆるエネルギーの中心は何もない | There is No-thingness in the Center of Any Energies


There is no-thingness in the very center of so-called "suffering".


ハートからのカウンセリング ラハシャ
Counseling from the heart Rahasya

だいぶ昔の本だけど、翻訳のお手伝いをしました・・・と言っても編集の方が自分の稚拙な訳文をものすごく丁寧に校正していただきました m(_ _)m.

This book is about 15 years old but I helped to translate this book... well, the editor 
calibrated my childish translation very carefully m(_ _)m.


This counseling is very radical. Pains on the body mind are invited into the heart. Oh god.


When you attend this course, everybody looks like they are going to puke or something but after the course, they look like buddhas (seriously).


How to guide is as follows:

  1. クライエントから問題となっていることを聞く
    Listen to client's problem(s)
  2. その問題の何が問題かを聞く
    Ask what's the problem of the problem
  3. 問題のコアがシンプルな「怒り」「悲しみ」「恐怖」な感情になるまで突き詰める(優しくね)
    Find the core emotions such as "anger", "sadness", "fear" (very gently)
  4. その否定していた感情を優しくハートに招待する
    Invite the emotions that the client has refused to have, to the heart
  5. 変容が勝手に起きる
    Transformation is bound to happen
  6. 起きた後に問題となっている部分へと戻ってみると、問題ではなくなっている
    After the transformation, trace back to the story of the problem and find it is gone already


This is a simple guideline but this work is quite hard core in front of Rahasya's smiling face LOL.


From the non duality point of view, this work may prove there is no-thingness in the center of all things, or "small I".


"As you breathe in, invite all the things to your heart and see everything dissolves there"

Rahashya's Heart Meditation CD popped up on my mind. I threw it away, though.