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中心に入るワーク | Work That Brings You to The Center


There is a works that brings you to the center in order to release physical/emotional pains. I assume there are many similar therapies with different names.


If I put it in a simple way, it is like this: if you allow yourself to be in the core of the pain, the energy is bound to be dissolved.


Hmm... well, I was about to write different things but I realized reflexology could be the same as well...

共鳴 | Resonance



I have been listening to Eckhart nearly 15 years.



I remember his CD selling page on his web site, saying "please be aware the being that he transmits more than the contents of his talks".


I couldn't follow what he was talking about fully but I tried to understand the contents he spoke at first. Yes what he was talking sounded plausible but after ruminating his pointers on my mind, my way of listening changed.


For example, "you are the consciousness". When you say "consciousness", it may sound like a "thing" but it means it is the background of all things that you can describe in words.


"If I am the consciousness itself, what is this body? What is this thought? What is this sensation?...". This question arose in me and my body started loosening gradually. It was more like just releasing any tentions in my body. 


And then I started feeling something like heavy air and Eckhart's words didn't come into my ears nor I couldn't understand at all. But I felt it was a right direction and kept releasing. I tried to release any tentions as much as possible.


Only breathing continued and I noticed my spine was moving along the breathing.


After the experiences, I remembered the presence (being) just only by listening to Eckhart's voice and same things happened with other masters' talks.



These days, I found some Japanese masters on YouTube that transmit the presense.




So, am I enlightened?... Not at all (LOL). But when I am with the speaker's presence, resonannce happens and smile appears on my face automatically.




This is a blog I wrote a few years ago (only in Japanese).



音質向上委員会 | Sound Quality Improvement


It's been a while since the last time I improved my video sound's quality.

今までの音の編集 Sound Editing Procedure
  • CS-10EMで直にカメラに綠音
  • Brusfri
  • Remove high/low frequencies (lowは200Hzを下げる)
  • Record directly to camera from CS-10EM
  • Brusfri
  • Remove high/low frequencies (lower 200Hz on low frequencies)
  • Channel EQでごりごり音の周波数を上げる
  • Turn up Gori Gori (crunchy) sound's frequencies on Channel EQ


This may result in increasing some noise but as far as I check on my headphones, it is okay.

サムネアップデート | Thumbnail Update



Today I was editing three videos which were filmed yesterday. Too hot to go out, it is good to stay home, watching olympic games.


Recently I changed thumbnail designs. I had been using the same template nearly two years and it was difficult to create a new one... I tried to make a new template once in three months but no good ideas came up.


  • 文字数が多く入れられない
  • 後ろの写真が見にくい時がある
  • ・・・飽きた(笑)

Ex-design's not so good points

  • Can't use many letters
  • Sometimes the letters hide the background picture
  • ... I feel bored (LOL)



So, I copied from my sub channel's thumbnail design (LOL).



  • 文字が二行になってもイケる
  • 下の足や手が見やすい
  • 右側に黒のグラデーションのレイヤーを置くことで白の文字がどの写真の上に置いても見やすい

New thumbnail's good points

  • Two text lines are okay
  • Clear to see the feet (hands) 
  • With the black gradation layer, white texts are clear to read on any pictures 



I was about to use colors for the texts like my sub channel to differenciate the genres but they were settled with white since I couldn't figure out the patterns.


I'll keep this design for now.

モデルさんにコンサルティングを受けてみたの話 | Had A Consultation With A Model


I had a model the other day, he is a consultant and we talked a lot on my channel.

Yutaka's Reflexologyチャンネルの現在

Current Yutaka's Reflexology channel's situation



Video contents

  • 痛い系、ゴリゴリ系動画は人気がある
  • うつ伏せ動画も人気があるが、理由がよくわからない
  • 寝る系は普通だが割と良い
  • ITAI / Gori Gori videos are popular
  • Prone videos are popular also but not sure why
  • Sleep one is good generally


I talked a lot of other things and by talking, there were some parts that became clearer.


I would have to challenge new things but at the same time, in a long run I have to make continuous efforts, too.

最近の足つぼルーティーン | Recent Reflexology Routine


  • 官足法足つぼ板20分
  • 官足法赤棒で甲・側面・ふくらはぎ

Every night's Reflexology routine

  • Kansoku-method Reflexology board 20 min.
  • Kansoku-method Reflexology stick on insteps, sides and calves


In order to recommend reflexology to my clients, I do reflexology on myself quite regularly.


I have been on the reflexology board for almost a year but I realized that I didn't do anything much on the toes, insteps nor calves and started using a stick. It is tiring to use a stick but I started using it since my migraine headache didn't seem to go away. The both sides of the big toe nails are good for migraine, and I am working on the areas carefully.


I would like to get one from someone for a change, though...