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YouTube CaseStudy: Mr. Ouchの動画 | YouTube CaseStudy: Mr. Ouch's Case

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カナダの友達、Mr. Ouch氏のYouTube動画。自分がカナダに遊びに行った10月ぐらいからはじめて、ここまで成長した。

This is Mr. Ouch's YouTube video, my Canadian friend. His video quality has been improving since he started in October when I visited Canada.



The subscriber numbers are less than 100 at this moment but once more people catch this channel, the number should be increased by its own accord.


Starting from buying a computer, he bought a DSLR, lightings, tripods and so on. In a way, the progress was very quick. Very quick but the subscriber numbers and view numbers haven't been catching up.


All he has to do is to upload more videos. It seems once a week is his limit... If he can upload twice as much as now, the channel should grow twice faster.