Reflexology YouTuber Yutaka

足つぼ動画で何が良いのか 視聴者さん VS Yutaka | What Kind of Reflexology Video Is Good? Viewers VS Yutaka


When you'd like to be popular on YouTube, it'd be better if you focus on "what the viewers want to watch", not on what you want to create.


It looks difficult for the creators not being able to express what they want to express but when you include the viewers' demands, it can balance with your expression. And if the video becomes popular, the creator feels delighted, too.


Now I speculate Yutaka's reflexology's viewers demands from their comments and the stats...

  • 静かなASMR Quiet ASMR 90%
  • ゴリゴリ音 Gori Gori sound 80%
  • 痛い ITAI 70%
  • おしゃべり Talking 20%
  • 足つぼを勉強したい Want to learn reflexology 20%


The popular videos are ASMR, Gori Gori sound and ITAI ones. Gori Gori Sound and ITAI ones are loud but ASMR ones (in Yutaka's reflexology, SLEEP) are the most popular, very simple, though.


What is Yutaka thinking about this personally? It is as follows:

  • 静かなASMR Quiet ASMR
  • ゴリゴリ音 Gori Gori sound
    This is also easy but it depends on the client's condition.
  • 痛い ITAI
    Needs some energies.
  • おしゃべり Talk
    To be honest with you, I am not good at it.
  • 学ぶ系 Learning
    It is hectic to make but I'd like to make a complete one.


So, the ASMR vides are good mutually but let's dig into the subject, what kind of ASMR would be good?

  • 画像が綺麗、見やすい Clear view, easy to watch
    (やっぱりカメラレンズSIGMA買うかな・・・Should I get the SIGMA's lens??)
  • 音が綺麗、聞き取りやすい Clear sound, easy to listen to
  • 寝るサイクルが90分だからそれに合わせた動画 Video that matches to a 90 min. sleeping cycle
  • バイノーラルビーツを付加する?(これはのちに総集編で良い) Adding binaural beats? (Could be good for a compilation for the future)
  • 若干の知識を入れると引き締まる Adding a little bit of knowledge makes the video sharp


And my reflexology techniques... (LOL). I have been watching other massage videos but there are some hypnotic effects in them. Feels like I am having one... a very strange feeling.

  • VR足つぼ VR Reflexology


Video shooting from the client's side... I made a video like this before when I had a reflexology treatment at shops but they didn't become so popular. It's better to show the therapist's hands.


... This is how I do my brainstorming...