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音質向上委員会 | Sound Quality Improvement Test


ASMR動画的に外部マイクを一眼カメラに直刺しは良くないと言われていて、うーむ、やっぱりZoom H1nを咬ませた方がいいのかなーと実験。

As an ASMR video, it is said direct microphones connection into a DSL camera is not a good idea, so I tested using Zoom H1n.

1. Zoom H1n + Roland CS-10EM

 Zoom H1nは一年ほど前に買ったのだが、使うのがめんどくさいので放置したままになっていた。使わないものは処分する性格なのだが、なんとなくデザインが気に入っていて所有し続けていた。

I bought this Zoom H1n about a year ago but I was lazy to use it and kept it in my desk for a while. I usually discard things which I don't use but I liked the design and I kept having it.

さて、音は?これまでマイクを直刺しだとノイズが酷くてエフェクトをFCP上でかけないと使い物にならなかった。しかし、Zoom H1nで録音するとノイズが少ない。おー、H1n復活させるか??

So how was the sound? Using a direct microphone into the camera was not good at all unless I use FCP's effects to delete the noise. But recording with Zoom H1n doesn't pick up noise so much. Hmm, should I use H1n from now on?

2. Roland CS-10EM


The 2nd recording was the direct microphone recording. Yup, so much noise!

3. Roland CS-10EM + FCP Effects
  • Denoiser (White Noise Filter)
  • Remove Low Frequencies
  • Remove High Frequencies

この三つは最近の動画で使っているエフェクト。うん。これを使うとかなりまともになる。そして、なんとZoom H1nを使ったものと比べてもこっちの方が良い。

Those three are the effects I have been using these days. Yes, they improve the sound a lot and it is actually better than the one using the Zoom H1n.


And I realized the air purifier's sound which I usually turn off.

  • Channel EQ


特定の音を消すのに役立つChannel EQ。ここで空気清浄機の音の周波数を分析して、その周波数をカット。

Channel EQ is useful for deleting certain sounds. It can analyze the air purifier's frequency and delete it.

最後は綺麗な音になった。というわけでしばらくは現状維持。Zoom H1nは処分かなぁ。。。デザイン好きなんだけど。

The sound became so clean at last. So the recording style will be the same for a while and I might throw Zoom H1n away.... I like the design so much, though...