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音質向上パート2 | Sound Improvement pt. 2


Zoom H6を買ってしまった。この形、やばい。

Finally I bought Zoom H6. I love this design.


Let me talk about the conclusion first.

  • H6単体で素晴らしい音は撮れるが、自分の動画ではマイクは従来のCS-10EMを接続して足の両脇に置くスタイルは継続。
  • H6 itself can record really good sounds but for my videos, I have to keep using and connecting CS-10EM  and place them on the both sides of a foot.
  • 音は綺麗になるが、それでもバックグラウンドのノイズは残る。
  • The sound is good but background noise remains.
  • ノイズ除去としてAudacity(無料アプリ)がかなり良い。
  • To reduce noise, Audacity (free app) is really helpful.
  • さらにFCPでRemove High/Low Frequenciesをかける。
  • And apply "Remove High/Low Frequencies" on FCP.
  • さらにFCPで不自然な音の周波数をChannel EQを使って削除する。
  • And apply "Channel EQ" to eliminate unnatural sound frequency on FCP.




The video above ends after applying noise reduction on Audacity but you can polish the sound on FCP afterwards.

If you only use Audacity,

  • 自分の鼻息が残る
  • My nose breathing sound remains
  • 不自然に感じる音が残る
  • Unnatural sound remains


I thought using H6 wouls solve everything but there are still many things to learn. But I could reduce noise and strengthen the sound volume, though. Yahoo :)