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YouTube #Shorts始めてみよう | Let's Start YouTube #Shorts


I heard the word "Shorts" is a trend and it can be popular on YouTube. I googled it and a lot of short pants appeared on the screen, though LOL.



Is it like a TikTok? I didn't do TikTok since it is a different platform from YouTube but this Shorts thing might be good since I can upload on to the same YouTube account.


So here are my ideas.

  • 反射区紹介(一つにつき一動画)
  • 症状別の反射区紹介
  • 1分ごりごり音
  • 1分痛い叫び
  • Reflex zones (one zone per video)
  • Reflex zones by ailments
  • 1 minute Gori Gori sound
  • 1 minute ITAI screaming


Reflex zone videos will be many but 1 minute Gori Gori can be easy to record with iPhone and upload when a model has Gori Gori feet.


追記 1分マックスよりも短い方が良いらしい。15秒ぐらいとか。それより短くもできるかな・・・。

PS It is said shorter than 1 minute maximum is better. Like 15 seconds. Could be less?...