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私のMacBook Proはどこだか知りませんか? | Where Is My MacBook Pro Now?

1/13に到着予定なんだけど、クロネコの配達状況が1/8で止まったまま。 It is supposed to be arrived on 13th of January but the status on Koroneko's web site shows it is stopped as of 8th of January. ま、いつもこんな感じで明日あたり、怒涛の追い…

FCPX | 音の調整は日毎に変わる・・・ | Sound Adjustment Varies Day By Day

FCPXで音の調整をしているが、毎回少しずつ違ってくる。 I do sound adjustment on FCPZX but each time the adjustment changes. 今日のお品書き Today's Elements Denoiser - White Noise Filter Remove High Frequencies - High Cut (6) Remove Low Frequ…