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久しぶりにセラピスベイ買ってみた | Purchased Serapis Bey

オーラソーマ クイントエッセンス・25ml セラピスベイ

Aura-Soma Serapis Bey Quintessence (Amazon)


Became curious about Serapis Bey and ordered it. It had been a while.


オーラソーマ イクイリブリアムボトル50ml B54「セラピスベイ」Aurasoma


I was also thinking of this equilibrium bottle version but quintessence should be better since I could use for multiple clients feet.


Serapis Bey's message is "purification and new start". When I had my reflexology shop, I used to use it in foot bathing water and Nura, my aura-soma teacher, praised me.


I haven't been involved with aura-soma for a while but I love their products. But not sure about the naming such as "archangel something-something". I wish they could put it in simpler way but it is just a different entrance from my entrance.


To what entrance? Zen.