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オーラソーマ#60老子と観音 | Aura-Soma #60 Lao Tzu & Quanin



This is Lao Tzu.



And this is Lao Tzu & Quanin's bottle. I finished aura-soma's level 4 about 15 years ago but I use them only for myself these days. I have been using pomanders/quintessences from time to time but this will be the third equilibrium bottle this year.


How come blue and clear mean Lao Tzu and Quanin? Yes it is a very mysterious world.


There are some explanations but when I was giving a session, I didn't explain much. "Feel, not think" kind of attitude...


There was this client who read through an aura-soma book before buying but he came back after a month and told me his experience which implied all the bottle's messages. It was very interesting.


What does blue color remind you of? What do you feel? It differs by individual but this is how language of color is created.


"Blue color reminds me of ocean. I feel relaxed when I am in the ocean. I feel I am protected etc." -> Paternity or maternal etc.


There is also this principle that people have to choose bottles that they are attracted to. This is a homeopathic approach "like cures like".



This site offers free reading, if you are interested, go check it out... oops the site above is Japanese only.