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サウナ・スパ健康アドバイザーの資格を取ってみた | Getting a Sauna Spa Wellness Advisor Certificate




I have been addicted to sauna and I am getting this certificate.


Besides the instruction how to take a sauna/bath, the history and the first aid, there are quite a few pages of instruction on meridian lines. It was such a large volume that made me wonder if we needed this so much (LOL).


They say it is more effective to get a meridian line massage after sauna/bath but in my personal opinion, I thought it was not necessary to write the details like "this is xx's acupressure point".


Because sauna -> cold water bathing -> resting outdoor's routine is a path to the universe already (LOL).


Even I, a reflexologist, think reflexology is not neccesary.


To me, sauna is a space to be in an individual cell. After the sauna, I don't want anything particulary other than some drinks. Well, maybe it is because I am introvert, though.


I don't need Aufguss (heat wave fanning in sauna room) as well. Please leave me alone.