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官足法足つぼマットログ 1日目 | Kansoku Method Reflexology Board LOG Day 1

官足法 ウォークマットⅡ 裏板セット(ABS樹脂製補強板付き)

これ (Amazon)
This  (Amazon)


It was delivered yesterday and I tried for my first time.

According to the instruction, you should try to be able to step on this for 20 minutes.


It was very painful in the beginning but after a while, it went beyond pain or something, I started feeling easier. It is like a cold water bathing after sauna (LOL).

My feet got warm and I felt as if I got a reflexology treatment from someone. It had been a while since the last time I felt my feet go so lighter!

After that, I made a video for YouTube. I estimated about level 8, comparing to my reflexology pressure level, to say the least... etc.


Finished uploading the video. And I was going to step on the board for 20 minutes before going to bed... OUCH!!!

I could move smoothly in the afternoon but now it is too painful to move!

This could be some sort of an inflamation. It feels sort of same pain that I get on the next day after giving a hard pressure reflexology with a stick on myself.


Today is the 2nd day but it is still painful. I decided not to move around but to stand only. It is still painful, though.


I am looking forward to my progress.