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I am considered myself as a minimalist but I also love gadgets contradictorily.


Finally I got a cloud wifi router but the number of the connection is limited to five devices.

Devices which need internet connections:

Apple TVはあまり常時接続は必要ないし、Alexaも一台でいいかなとも思ったのだけど・・・

Apple TV doesn't have to be connected all the time and perhaps I don't need two Alexa devices but...


Bought a wifi extender which increased the number of the divice that could be conneced at the same time, maybe up to 20 devices.

セサミ mini スマートロック + WiFiアクセスポイント (Makuake価格COME BACKセール中!!) - CANDY HOUSE JAPAN

そしてリミッターが外れると同時に、こちらのスマートロックのSesami Mini+Wifiアクセスポイントもオーダー。
And now my limitation is unlocked and I ordered Sesami Mini+Wifi Access point, a smart lock.

意外と鍵を使ってドアを開けるという行為が面倒だったので、これがあればiPhoneもしくはApple Watchで開けられるはず。そしてオートロック+解錠もできるらしい。ええやん。

It was kind of annoying to use a key to unlock the door but now I should be able to open with my iPhone or Apple Watch. You can also do an autolock/unlock. Very smart.

Anyway, I haven't done almost anything for a month now...