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Magic Keyboardでモチベを上げる | Keep Up My Motivation w/ Magic Keyboard


少し出遅れて買ったApple Magic Keyboard。

I was a little late but bought Apple Magic Keyboard.


As rumored, it is a little heavy but a completed form of a mini-computer.


... Mini? Yes, it is not as good as a perfect substitute of a computer.


One of the amazing things is to be able to manipulate intuitively without any explanation.


Typing and other stuff get really easy to do, after connecting a keyboard and a track pad to an iPad.


With that being said, it is not as good as you don't need a MacBook any more. I still need a Mac to edit my videos. If I try, maybe I could do it, though.


Anyway, this is sort of my self investment to keep up my motivation. I will do my best for making an online reflexology course :)