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ようやくネットが入った・・・ | Finally Got a Mobile WiFi



Finally got a mobile wifi... but to be precise this one is a one month rental one.


"Mugen WiFi" which I was going to use from March 1 was delayed to be shipped due to the coronavirus situation and I will get it next month.

10日間ほど新しい事務所にネットがなかったのはちょっとキツかった。今日は早速Amazon Alexa(二台)に接続し、音楽を満喫・・・と言っても今聞いているのはヒーリング音楽。

It was kind of difficult not to have internet connection at the new studio for about 10 days. I connected to Amazon Alexas (two) today and I am enjoying music now... it is a healing music, though.

Sauna Sukisugi


I often listen to this tv drama show's music "Sauna Sukisugi" these days. I love this relaxing ambient. 

Tempalay "そなちね" (Official Music Video)


And this one called "Sonatine" as well. In the drama, the the hook part is used but the verses sound (which aren't used in the drama) sound so differently.