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登録者8万人ありがとうございます | Thank You For 80K Subs!


I reliazed the subscriber number was over 80k.


Thank you so much for this.


I haven't updated this blog so much but I am doing well.


Way to 100k subs. These are the vague ideas that I have for now:

  • 独自性のアップ
  • フォントやデザインの向上
  • 役に立つ内容にすると同時に無理やり情報は入れない
  • Improving the originality
  • Improveing the fonts/designs
  • Make more useful videos but not putting too much information


I should put useful information minimally but the most important thing is not the information but a "formless" thing.



All the videos on YouTube are some forms that come from the "formless" more or less.

上のEckhart Tolleの動画はカタチとしてEckhartのトークがあるが、その背後にある「形のない」ものを感じ取れるだろうか・・・。

The Eckhart's video that I put above contains a form as Eckhart's talk but do you feel the "formless" behind...?


... Actually I am writing this blog while playing the video but I am being drawned into his presence...


This state (to be precise, it is not a state) is what I want to express in my videos.


I have been pulled by my mind in most of the cases but I need to remember this... Oh yes.