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照明のお勉強 | Learning About Lighting



Problems about my videos. Sometimes too bright, sometimes too dark. I am using a relatively good camera but I haven't really mastered it!


I have been noticing for a while but the solution should be in my lighting systems.



And here we go. I finally bought a softbox system. The small one on the right in the picture is the current one I'm using... LOL. I had been saying to myself that I should get a new one but I wasn't sure if it could fit into the space around the massage table where was too narrow.


The size seems okay. Changing the place during the session would be very hectic, though. 

  • キーライト Key light
  • フィルライト Fill light
  • リムライト Rim light
  • ラクティカルライト Practical light


Sitll learning...