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官足法足つぼマットログ 80日目 | Kansoku Method Reflexology Board LOG Day 80



I was going to update here and caliculated the days. It was exactly 80 days.


And how's the effect...?

  • とりあえず快調
  • 胃痛の改善
  • 便通は前からそこまで悪くないけどさらに快調
  • 頭痛はまだたまにある(天気痛と思われる)
  • 体重が増えた(元々痩せすぎてたから嬉しい)
  • Generally the body condition is good
  • Stomachache is improved
  • Bowel movement is improved (originally not so bad, though)
  • Heachache is still there sometimes (could be from the weather)
  • Gained weight (I am happy since I was too thin)


Still painful when I step on the board, though.


These days I have been recommending this reflexology board and sauna to my clients. I guess these two would help to improve your health. I am not that health freak...


It is good to get reflexology sometimes from others but you have to keep doing it by yourself everyday...