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音の聞き比べ | Sound Comparison


Since this video is set as "limited", it looks it is not working but it does when you press the play button. 

I made Asian's comparison video. Maybe I should have made it public on YouTube, though. 


I wear headphones when I edit videos and I can listen to the details. 



But as I did a survey, many viewers listen from their smartphones or tablets directly. No earphones.



So... maybe the sound resolution should be close to the original, that's what I thought. 

1 オリジナル Original

2 ノイズ除去 Noise cut

3 ノイズ除去+高低周波数カット Noise cut+low/height frequencies removed

4 ノイズ除去+高低周波数カット+ごりごり音の周波数増し Noise cut+low/height frequencies removed+Gori sound frequency emphasized. 


Maybe the number 2 is good.