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最近の足つぼルーティーン | Recent Reflexology Routine


  • 官足法足つぼ板20分
  • 官足法赤棒で甲・側面・ふくらはぎ

Every night's Reflexology routine

  • Kansoku-method Reflexology board 20 min.
  • Kansoku-method Reflexology stick on insteps, sides and calves


In order to recommend reflexology to my clients, I do reflexology on myself quite regularly.


I have been on the reflexology board for almost a year but I realized that I didn't do anything much on the toes, insteps nor calves and started using a stick. It is tiring to use a stick but I started using it since my migraine headache didn't seem to go away. The both sides of the big toe nails are good for migraine, and I am working on the areas carefully.


I would like to get one from someone for a change, though...