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Yutaka's Reflexology認定講座企画中 | Planning Yutaka's Reflexology Certificate Course

(案)Yutaka's 足つぼ認定講座

  • 足つぼの歴史
  • 西洋式/東洋式の違い
  • 反射区
  • 手技
  • クリーム・オイルの使い方
  • 棒の使い方 (棒を持っていない人もいるかも)
  • 筆記オンラインテスト(50問ほど)
  • ケーススタディ(30人ぐらい)
  • エッセイ
  • 施術動画撮影(希望者のみにする?)




C.Y.R.T. (Certified Yutaka's Reflexology Therapist)


(Draft) Yutaka's Reflexology Certificate Course

  • History of Reflexology
  • Difference between Western/Eastern Reflexology
  • Reflex zones
  • Techniques
  • How to use cream/oil
  • How to use stick (Some may not be able to get a stick)
  • Online quiz (about 50 questions)
  • Case Study (about 30 models)
  • Essay
  • Video shooting a session (*only if a student wants?)

Totally free

Videos and text books are published on the internet

After passing, the student will get a certification

C.Y.R.T. (Certified Yutaka's Reflexology Therapist)

I can add explanation captions on the session video a student send and I will upload it to YouTube later on... but there should be some students who don't want to be in public or don't know how to/can't take a video