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虚空 | Void


I have been studying "Eufeeling" that Mr. Frank Kinslow.



Our essence is "Pure Awareness" and on top of that, there are true freedom, love, stillness called "Eufeeling".


When you look at those words, they seem to be on the same level but awareness is void and no-thingness.



It is a little difficult to identify Eufeeling and awareness but this Eckhart's talk resonates with a deeper area of myself.


  • 体が重く感じる
  • 体の緊張している箇所が顕著になる
  • 体の力を抜くことを許していきたくなる
  • 体の所々が痛くなる、不快感が出てくる
  • その他、色々な排出の動きが出てくる
  • 眠くなる
  • そのままで良かったんだとホッとする

Things that may happen when you resonate with his being (Results may vary)

  • Your body feel heavier
  • You become aware which area of the body is more tensed vividly
  • You may want to allow to relax your body
  • You may experience pain or discomfort in some areas of your body
  • You may experience a few emissions
  • You feel sleepy
  • You feel relaxed to know it is okay as it is


They may be symptoms you don't want to experience but you get to know something right is happening.


The video I put above is an English one and some may say "I can't understand English" and refuses it but what he conveys is irrelevant to what he talks about. Language can be of a help to direct you, though. I put a Japanese video down here...