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ととのう足つぼ | Reflexology Into Nirvana

I got so intrigued to TV drama's "Sa-Dou (Path of Sauna)" that I use the killer word "Totonou (aligned, into nirvana)" even though I am such a sauna noob. But let me think if this "Totonou" is available on reflexology.


In reflexology, softer reflexology could result in the similar pleasure that sauna brings in rather than receiving a painful reflexology.


In my personal sense, if the reflex zones which causes electric kind of pleasure around cervical vertabrae are stimulated periodically by reflexology, people may get "Totonou (aligned)". But this electric kind of feeling doesn't seem to belong to everybody.

A Special Meditation - Deepening Into the Dimension of Stillness with Eckhart Tolle (Binaural Audio)


1. 話半分で聞く(マインドの領域)

2. 意識が意識本体、体、マインドの状態に気づき始める(マインドから意識へ)

3. 無駄に緊張している体やマインドの部分をゆるめ始める

4. 涅槃

Ok, leave the reflexology aside. If you are looking for an intense "Totonou", Eckhart is recommended. I can't guarantee everybody can "Totonou" but this is what may happen when you listen to his talk.

1. Listen to his talk casually (you are still in the field of your mind)

2. Consciousness awares the state of the consciousness, body and mind (shifting mind to consciousness)

3. Start relaxing your body and mind which are excesively tensed

4. Nirvana

上で紹介している動画はHemi Syncとコラボしているせいか、かなり強烈。この文章書きながら音を流しているんだけど体がビンビンに感じる(笑)。

The video I introduce in the above is quite intense one, maybe because it is a collaboration with Hemi Sync. I feel my body so intense while writing here, listening to the sound.


But I have to say the ultimate Totonoi is deep breathing.