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新規の場所へ足つぼを受けに行くのは苦手です | Don't Like Visiting a New Reflexology Place


I don't really like visiting a new reflexology place.


The reasons are as below:

  • 自分の求めている足つぼかわからない
  • Not sure if I get the reflexology I expect
  • 自分も足つぼをしていることを言うか言わないかで悩む
  • I get tired of making a decision either I should tell them I am also a reflexologist or not
  • 店員がめちゃくちゃおしゃべりな人だったらいやだ
  • I don't like chatty therapists


And I don't want to travel so much, so I have to limit it to find in my neighborhood. Not many options are left.


I used to love reflexology places run by Chinese people who were quite blunt but the techniques were excellent. Sometimes I can't get relaxed at Japanese places where their service is too humble.


So these days, I do reflexology on my own feet mostly.