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官足法足つぼマットログ8日目 | Kansoku Method Reflexology Board LOG Day 8


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A week has passed. What happened to me?

  • 靴下を履いた状態で20分、やや楽に乗り切れるようになった
  • 足裏が一日中、ジンジンしている
  • 体調面は特に変化なし?胃痛が少し楽になった
  • 朝に欠かさず飲んでいたコーヒーがあまり飲みたくなくなった
  • Managed to step on the board with socks on for 20 mintues without much discomfort
  • My soles are tingling all day long
  • My body condition hasn't changed much but my stomachache gets better
  • Became less having coffee in the morning which was my morning routine


I tried without socks yesterday but the pain was much more acute so I will stay socks-on-easy-mode for a while. There is a good feeling appearing when I step on the board little by little, though.