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FCPX | Channel EQも忘れずに | Do Not Forget Channel EQ On FCPX

Final Cut Pro Xで本格的に(とは言ってもまだお試し版)動画を編集しはじめたのだが、前回の音の調整のところで書き忘れていた項目があった。

I started using FCPX as my main video editing (still using a trial version, though), I forgot to mention one element regarding the sound adjustment.


  • Denoiser - White Noise Filter
  • Remove Low Frequencies - Filter Sweep 65.0
  • Remove High Frequencies - High Cut 6.0
  • Channel EQ - Default (Adjust to enhance the middle)


Now I realized that I mentioned but I didn't write the details.



Like Mt. Fuji.


Lower below 500 and above 5k. I could manage to reduce the noise by that. I wasn't sure if I could hear the difference by lowering above 5k but somehow I felt like the high pitch sound was reduced. Ojisan (middle-aged guys) can't hear this high pitch sound, can we?


I remember when I was doing DJ, I usually set my EQ like a valley shape, opposite from the one above. By doing this, the sound changed to tightened.


Okay, so much for today's video editing. These days I upload videos to YouTube directly from FCPX. It takes time but it automatically finishes exporting and uploading while I am away from the computer. I used to export files from iMovie to the desktop since I got some errors when I tried to upload the videos directly from iMovie but now I changed the routine to a direct upload since I changed to FCPX. There is another reason for uploading the videos directly, exported file size becomes two times bigger than exporting from iMovie. I don't know where this rendered files went, though. When I check the storage after editing a video, about 20GB is used.


See you tomorrow.